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Membership is £15 a year. you need to live within a 25 mile radius of Swindon.
It cost £30 a month to hang your paintings on a full screen and £15 for half a screen.
A commission of 15% is taken out of any sales you make.
We also have out side exhibitions where you can exhibit your work.
​Full screen
Half screen
​One of the most important aspects to keep the gallery running smoothly is to have as many volunteer artists as possible to steward and meet the visitors.
Stewards can reduce their screen rentals and use the opportunity to get some painting done and promote your own work while you are there.
Make sure your paintings if framed are taped with framing tape and use d rings to secure hanging cord.
Make sure not to use string, and put deatails ,price ect on back of painting,
and tape the loose ends of the hanging cord as shown.
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